The Schematic: Miniature Fusion Reactor

One of our inspirations when we decided to create this project was Jamie Edwards, a 14 years old boy, who has been recorded as the youngest person to produce a mini fusion reactor that works.

Unlike the common belief that nuclear fusion is hard to achieve, it actually is not and moreover it has already been achieved at different scales, as in the example of Jamie Edwards. The problem lies in efficiency though, that is we haven't yet succeeded to gain more energy from fusion than we input to produce the reaction.

Our goal in FusionX is to come up with and realize a design to build a miniature fusion reactor mainly for schools to support research and education in S.T.E.M. fields by encouraging the students to pursue a career in this area.

We will use Jamie's design to show the main components of a nuclear fusion reactor and their functions, which you can follow on the image below.

Main components and steps of nuclear fusion [1]

This is not a detailed schematic, and we are still working on a detailed version of our fusion reactor design, but nevertheless it nicely shows and explains the main components.

In the next article, we will have a closer look at the main components of our planned miniature fusion reactor.